Sean Hannity: FBI Director James Comey Is Lying About Hillary Clinton's Emails

Sean Hannity: “Either James Comey Is Lying, Or The FBI Rank And File Are Lying, And I'm Putting My Money That The Rank And File Is Trying To Tell Us The Truth”

From the November 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let me start with what happened over the weekend, and James Comey saying that he had seen no evidence -- you know, here's a guy that -- it took him 270 days to go through 30, 32,000 emails, but he was able to, in record time, review 650,000 new emails in 8 days. Pretty talented, don't you think?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, you know what makes it funnier? The State Department today said it was going to take them five years, five years to go through 35,000 emails.


GINGRICH: Now, explain to me how the FBI could go through 650,000 in eight days, and the State Department can't do it in less than -- can't do ten percent of that in less than 5 years?

HANNITY: Look --

GINGRICH: I mean, this is an absurdity, and it just tells you that the corruption, you know, as my good friend Randy Evans points out -- the corruption is a cancer, and if you don't cut it out, it keeps growing. And we're now seeing how a corrupt Justice Department is beginning to corrupt the FBI, and that's genuinely frightening, because if law enforcement becomes corrupted, you just -- you don't have the rule of law.

HANNITY: No, you've lost your country, let's be honest. And what's fascinating -- either one, or two people are lying. Either James Comey is lying, or the FBI rank and file are lying, and I'm putting my money that the rank and file is trying to tell us the truth.

GINGRICH: Absolutely.


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