Sean Hannity exploits congressional shooting to shill for US Concealed Carry Association

From the June 15 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I'm sure you know by now that I am a proud member of the USCCA. (US Concealed Carry Association).

By the way, perfect example yesterday, that god forbid -- if you believe in the Second Amendment, your Second Amendment rights, given to us, celebrated this 4th of July by our forefathers, if -- god forbid, what do you do if like those two Capitol Police officers, one day, you have to, you know, prepare yourself in a self-defense incident? Well, you want the USCCA on your side. They'll be there before, during and after any such attempt on your life or your family's life.

And to celebrate the 4th of July, they have five lucky winners that will each receive $1,776 bucks to buy the gun and the ammo of their choice. In other words, whatever's on your bucket list. You'll still have money, by the way, to break that gun in, become a marksman like these two incredible officers walking out in the middle of a field, going up against a high-powered rifle, risking their lives, being shot at and hit, and saving so many lives yesterday.

And by the way, instead of drawing one winner, well, the USCCA is drawing five, that means you have five chances to win $1,776 bucks. You gotta hurry, this all ends on July 31st. Just go to to enter, it's quick, it's simple, it's free., and by the way, if in fact you are somebody that believes in the Second Amendment, make sure you check out what they have to offer. There's truly nothing else out there like it.


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