Sean Hannity endorses plan for Supreme Court to overturn election through Texas lawsuit

Sean Hannity endorses plan for Supreme Court to overturn election through Texas lawsuit

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Citation From the December 8, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Kris Kobach, he is the former Kansas secretary of state, he has a great analysis-, write-up on this Texas case, this challenge, going directly at the Supreme Court. Don Brown attorney, patriot working behind the scenes, assisting in the correction of this illegal election, and honestly from Kris' piece on Monday just before midnight the state of Texas filed the lawsuit, far more important than all the others surrounding the presidential election of November 3rd and he describes what we have been talking about the better part of the day.

This Texas suit against four states that's something they can't do and they violated the US Constitution in their conduct of the presidential election, and this violation occurred regardless of the amount of election fraud that may have resulted. And again the states are the four we probably have focused most heavily on. And that being Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And I would add Nevada to that on my side. But, Texas filing the suit directly with the Supreme Court, Article III of the Constitution, listing a number of categories of cases which the court has original jurisdiction. One of the categories concerns quote "controversies between two or more states." Well this Texas lawsuit does exactly that. 

Anyways Kris Kobach, former Kansas secretary of state back with us, Don Brown, attorney, had a big role in all of this, welcome both of you to the program, Kris I'll start with you long time friend, I read your op-ed and your analysis is dead on accurate I agree with all of it.