Sean Hannity encourages caller who claims he’s stockpiling “military weapons” at the southern border

Hannity: “Our president is aiding and abetting the lawbreaking”

Sean Hannity encourages caller who claims he’s stockpiling “military weapons” at the southern border

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Citation From the March 3, 2023, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So you're in a tough spot because you have all these illegal immigrants walking on people's private property and the owners of that property, they don't have any idea what the intentions are of people walking on their property. You had that case, you know, where that one rancher or homeowner that defended himself, and they arrested him. And, you know, I -- who knows what actually happened?

But I do know this, that if somebody is on your property illegally, I think it is reasonable for anybody to think that they're there to do you harm. I don't want -- if somebody starts walking on my property, my phone's going off in a heartbeat and I'm going to, you know, be on -- call 911 and I'm going to be prepared to defend my family and my house. Well, I live alone. But that's a different story.

CALLER: There's a holding facility two miles from our ranch. It looks like a circus. It's got tents, three tents that can hold up to 6,000 immigrants. Buses fly in and out of here 24/7. Illegals are there. Who knows who are there. They're 1,500 meters away from the Marine Corps air station. 1,500 meters, Sean. 

People don't know this. There's people migrating through. The buses are running. People are turning their heads. My wife and I are arming ourselves with military weapons that I had to carry overseas and multiple--

HANNITY: Listen, you're describing a situation that is now out of control.


Our president is aiding and abetting the lawbreaking and facilitating it. He’s even rewarding it on many levels.