Sean Hannity Embraces Ted Cruz Following His Trump Endorsement

Hannity: “I've Always Said I  Liked Ted Cruz”

Conservative radio host Sean Hannity praised Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) after he announced he will be voting for Donald Trump, despite Hannity’s previous attacks against Cruz. 

Hannity publically criticized Cruz for continuing his GOP primary campaign against Trump in April and threatening the “integrity of the election.” Hannity also gave credibility to the smear pushed by The National Enquirer that accused Cruz’s father of aiding in the JFK assassination. Hannity even said he would blame people like Cruz and other anti-Trump conservatives if Trump loses.

But following Cruz’s endorsement of Trump in a September 23 Facebook post, Sean Hannity lauded Cruz saying “I’ve always said I’ve like Ted Cruz.” From Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY(HOST): I've always had a caveat for Ted. I've always said I liked Ted Cruz I think Ted would come around. And it's not that Ted Cruz more than anybody else probably, would have had a more legitimate reason to oppose Trump certainly more than Bush, certainly more than Lindsey Graham, certainly more than John Kasich for crying out loud. But I'll read you his statement, and I want to say that I've always liked Ted Cruz, always. I love the guy as a person. I think he is -- one of the reasons he did so well in this campaign is because that he is a solid constitutional conservative. But he was also hated by the establishment.