Sean Hannity downplays Trump adviser’s guilty plea because he “never heard of the guy” 

Hannity on George Papadopoulos: “I never heard of the guy,” and I was “as close to the Trump campaign as anyone”

From the October 30 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Alright, that's Kevin Downing, the lawyer for Paul Manafort. Pretty amazing, wow. So that's a pretty -- now let me go through all of this here. So you have Paul Manafort, and you have a guy by the name of Rick Gates. It's a 31 page indictment. Let me start with the highlights here, no allegations against the president. Now, you've got to pay close attention because your media out there is so full of breathless hysteria in reporting out there that none of this has a single thing to do with Trump Russia collusion. We are now facing a moment of truth and crisis in America, which I'm going to explain to you. It's -- it's got nothing to do with the president, nothing to do with presidential campaign, nothing to do with campaign activity. And yet we have evidence of real crimes, which I will explain to you in just a second. There is another guy, George Papadopoulos, and he, apparently -- I never heard of the guy. Never heard of him, and I was as close to the Trump campaign as anyone.  


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