Sean Hannity Defends Trump: “The Only Generals That Stuck Around Were The People That Would Say 'Yes'” To Obama

From the September 7 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Were you at all offended, because the liberal media, this is where they are going with this -- they are going to ignore the fact she made a mistake that resulted in 5,000-plus dead Americans and many others injured.

But when they said -- when he talked about the generals, my interpretation was -- tell me if I'm wrong, is that the generals have not been given the ability to do their job and the only generals that stuck around were the people that would say, yes. Is that true, is that fair? Is that inaccurate?

MICHAEL FLYNN: Yeah, it's -- Donald Trump has enormous respect for our military, has enormous respect for the leaders that we have in our military that are serving today. What he knows is that the decisions that have been made, the incredibly poor judgment on decisions to pull out of Iraq that led to the rise of ISIS, -- I mean, we really haven't talked about Libya. The decision to go into Libya was almost -- can be solely placed on Hillary Clinton, and Libya is a disaster.


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