Sean Hannity defends Kavanaugh from accusation of sexual assault by pointing out he goes to church and helped the homeless

Hannity: “Everything you see in Judge Kavanaugh’s life, in his church, in his community ... he actually is the real deal”

From the September 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): When you go back 36 years I think people’s memories, I don’t know if you remember exact dates and times, I can barely remember what I did on Friday night on my TV show if that means anything. On the other hand I can cite every successful record of Ronald Reagan. But anyway I read very closely the account of Professor Ford detailing these allegations when she was a sophomore in high school and Brett Kavanaugh would have been a junior in high school and she said she didn’t seem to recall exactly when the allegation, or the alleged attack took place and she didn’t remember the actual year, she said she wasn’t sure what year it was when all of this happened. She said she believes it might have been 1982 but she isn’t sure. Quote, “After so many years she doesn’t remember some key details of the incident, she said she believes it occured in the summer of 1982 when she was 15 around the end of sophomore year.


Then you’ve got to weigh all of this against the other side because none of us were there, this was 36 years ago.


And then you have, if we’re going to look at it, why at this point, everything else you see about Judge Kavanaugh’s life, in his church, in his community, this is a guy that spends a lot of time feeding the homeless, I mean he actually is the real deal in terms of helping people in his life now and throughout his profession and you’ve got 65 women who were contemporaries during his high school years that they've all come out and said that he was a great guy, a person of great character and great integrity that’s at the time. One of those people that knew him will join us a little bit later. Then you have many women that have known Kavanaugh personally, professionally spanning over three decades now that have all testified to his respect for women, his character, his integrity.


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