Sean Hannity Defends “Impressive And Refreshing” Trump From Glenn Beck

Sean Hannity defended Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from attacks by former Fox News colleague Glenn Beck, declaring that he is “glad Donald Trump is in this race.”  

Beck last week questioned why Hannity and other conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Michael Savage were “supporting” Trump. He has previously labeled Trump “the biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine” and the “most arrogant man I have ever seen.”

Hannity responded in an August 16 letter posted on his website, concluding that while he is “personally undecided” about who to support, he is “glad Donald Trump is in this race. I like his straightforward outsider's view of politics. His personality and background are impressive and refreshing. I like anybody who is not politically correct.” 

Hannity continued of Trump: “I hope his outspokenness and his courage rubs off on his fellow Republicans, who have all become stale, timid, weak, and generally (especially in DC) useless. Many Republicans can learn a thing or two from Trump.”

The Fox News host added that “I have given many of the candidates a FULL hour on my TV show, as well. My plan is to continue to offer all the candidates more airtime throughout the entire process.” 

Media Matters found that from May through July, Hannity's program devoted nearly ten hours to airing interviews with Republican presidential candidates. During the same time period, Trump was given more airtime on Fox News than any other presidential candidate. Hannity hosted Trump for a two-part interview last week on Fox.