Sean Hannity: “Corporate Jihad Is Being Waged” By NBC “Against President Donald Trump”

Hannity: “NBC Is Not News, It Is Deep State Obama Propogada Television”

From the March 14 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The other issue we got to address tonight is the corporate jihad being waged by NBC news against President Trump. Now, as I said earlier, they're the leaders of this alt-left propoganda destroy Trump at all costs media and now releasing his 2005 tax return. It proves that they will do anything, spin any conspiracy to destroy the commander-in-chief including working with people,clearly that have broken the law.


Do they want to question if the moon landing actually occurred? This is the twilight zone. Let me get this straight. Russia knew in 2005 that Trump would be president in 2016 but if you watch the tape on election night, even up to the last minute, NBC News didn't think it was possible that Donald Trump would become president. This is the twilight zone, so tonight, let's set the record straight. NBC is not news, it is deep state Obama propaganda television.


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