Sean Hannity Continues Smear Campaign Against Slain DNC Staffer

Hannity Suggests Rich Murder Was “A Hit” For Providing Wikileaks With DNC Documents

From the May 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Here's a 27 year old kid that was murdered, shot in the back. We've been told it's a robbery. Well, it's a robbery where they didn't take his wallet, his watch or his phone. That doesn't sound like a robbery to me, that sounds like a hit.


HANNITY: Now, I'm allowed to have my opinion, and my opinion is that if somebody is committing a robbery and you shoot somebody in the back and you leave their watch, their wallet and their phone, that what we are being told is a lie. I don't believe that, that's my opinion.


HANNITY: Twitter can mock me to death. There's no similarity. But this was not a robbery from my point of view, and if you guys think it's a robbery, then explain why they didn't take the watch, the wallet and the phone.


HANNITY: Apparently I care more about why this kid was murdered than you do. You know, why isn't a member of, you know -- why didn't they offer a reward? Julian Assange did. You know, why is a case that is not open and shut being treated as open and shut?

Did Seth Rich have a computer? And if he did, where is it? And I think that perhaps all of you that are saying these things, you might regret it when more information comes out. I'll take your apology whenever you're willing to give it. And by the way, Twitter can mock away. Go right ahead.

I hope and pray -- I pray for this kid, this family, but I don't believe this story about robbery for one second, and I don't like being lied to. And the family shouldn't like being lied to, that's their business, I pray for them.


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