Sean Hannity Conned Into Thinking “Scam Artist” Is A Scientist

HannitySean Hannity promoted a claim that dangerous “global cooling” is coming, adding sarcastically on his radio show, “I thought all scientists agreed on this -- apparently not.” Sadly for Hannity, the claim did not come from a scientist -- in fact, it came from John Casey, a man that even climate “skeptics” labeled a “scam artist.”

Here's a helpful list for Hannity to refer to next time he is looking for support:

6 Signs Your “Scientist” Might Not Be A Scientist

  1. They didn't earn an advanced degree in science.
  2. They have never published a single peer-reviewed paper in the area that they claim to be an “exper[t]” in.
  3. They self-published their book with the help of an astrologer who claims that her mother told her on her death bed that that she was the illegitimate daughter of Ernest Hemingway.
  4. They brag that their organization predicting “decades of record cold weather” has a “dedicated list of 'Supporting Researchers'” ... then list seven  researchers, four of whom are also experts on the same “expert's” “Earth and Volcano Prediction” site and make no claim of climate expertise.
  5. They  claim that a news conference they held in 2008 that no one has ever heard of was “historic.”
  6. They "formally declar[e]" the end of sea level rise and set a “specific timetable for sea level decline” despite all the evidence to the contrary.

When 97 percent of climate scientists accept manmade global warming, it's no wonder that those in denial are getting desperate for an “expert.”