Sean Hannity compares media coverage of coronavirus to the “deep state”

Hannity: “This is now, officially, just like what happened with the deep state”

Sean Hannity compares media coverage of coronavirus to the "deep state"

Sean Hannity compares media coverage of coronavirus to the "deep state"
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Citation From the March 13, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): How do I say this the right way, and -- and also be constructive? And it's -- it's -- it's probably an impossibility, to be very honest, because it's just so bad out there, and there's so much in terms of lying and misinformation, and so much -- the weaponization, if you will. 

This is now, officially, just like what has happened with the deep state, just like when you deny Americans their constitutional rights, civil liberties, in the case of Carter Page, and just like you backdoor spy on a presidential candidate, transition team, and deep into a presidency, and just like you turn the powerful tools of intelligence on a candidate and a president, and the American people, that's abuse of power, that's corruption, that is destructive to the country and dangerous to the country.

When you have a dual justice system, that is dangerous to the country. If you can't unite when we kill terrorists, that is overall very dangerous to all of us. If we have to get rid of FISA, that's dangerous to all of us too, because we need to be able to trust some individuals with the most powerful tools of intelligence, that means that they could literally spy on you in your bathroom, all of us. But they can't -- they can't destroy the Constitution and do that, we have to believe that they're going to do -- use those tools the right way. It is similarly destructive when you have a corrupt media mob working with one party on one party's agenda, and that will feed fear and panic when we need information.