Sean Hannity Claims Hillary Clinton's Doctor Wrote Positive Health Report To Support Her Politically

But Hannity Has Ignored Reports From Trump's Doctor That He Wrote Trump's Report Under Duress

Fox News host Sean Hannity, continuing to push conspiracy theories about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's health, suggested on his radio show that if Clinton's doctor “supports her politically ... the doctor might be inclined to go lenient” on her report on Clinton's health. Hannity has repeatedly promoted baseless health conspiracy theories, many sourced from pro-Trump Twitter accounts, including the claims that Clinton has a traumatic brain injury, that she suffers from seizures, and that she may have had “a mini-stroke.” But Hannity has ignored questions raised about a letter written by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's doctor, which the doctor admitted was written "in five minutes" while under duress. From the September 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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DR. MICHAEL BADEN: You don't know. Most people who have concussions fully recover from it, but as you say here, if she has memory loss, that's a more serious kind of concussion.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Well, she's admitting herself that she had memory loss, and she's --

BADEN: Then it's up to the doctors to determine how to treat it and how to evaluate whether or not everything is cleared up or not. Now, presumably what's been said is that her doctor wrote a very professional form, your previous guest said, indicating that she completely recovered. However, that should be released. On what basis is he saying that? Did they do an MRI? Did they do a CT scan? Did they have a full neurological work-up?

HANNITY: And listen, let's be honest here, if its a doctor that supports her politically, if it's a doctor that's a friend, the doctor might be inclined to go lenient on something like that, true or false?

BADEN: That's absolutely true, and that happens all the time in doctors offices, when people will apply for sick leave or will apply for workmans' compenastion and the doctor has allegiance to the patient.