Sean Hannity chastises women who spoke out about Roy Moore: “Now we do have Ten Commandments, one of the commandments is thou shalt not bear false witness.”

Hannity guest on accusers: “You disgust me. Because what you're doing, woman, is ... making women poison to work for.” 

From the November 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Here's some really fascinating questions. How do you know if it's true? How do we -- what's true? What's not true? How do you ascertain the truth? What happens when it's 38 years later? It's a serious topic, if it’s true and people act like this, it's disgusting, it's despicable, it's criminal. If people -- you know some people -- do people lie? Now we do have Ten Commandments, one of the commandments is thou shalt not bear false witness. We know human beings break, with regularity, the other nine commandments, did they break this one? I mean, it's something to think about. Why is it so bad? Because you can ruin somebody’s reputation with an allegation. Katie Hopkins is with us of the Daily Mail across the pond. You're always outspoken, how do you tell -- how do we -- how are we, the American people to ascertain what is true and not true?  

KATIE HOPKINS: It's starting to be an impossible question, isn't it? That doesn't have an answer. But what I would say is that women -- and I am loosely a woman -- women have never been so disappointing. The idea to me that someone comes out, what is it, 38 years later, allegedly, and is suddenly remembering how terribly traumatized she was. If she was stood right next to me now, I would be saying to her, that's not good enough. You've taken this many years to remember how upset you used to be, that is not good enough. You are disappointing as a woman. I can't believe in an era where I watched the pussy marches after Trump's inauguration, marching through the street how strong women were. All their banners about how strong they are, how their bits and bobs were made of steel. If you're that tough, women, then why aren't you, at some point, standing up for yourself? We’ve got British politicians here --

HANNITY: Katie, listen, I love you to death. I'm going to tell you what people are going to say to you, feminists in particular, are you blaming the victim? Are you doubting the victim? That’s what people are going to say.

HOPKINS: Yes, you know what, yes. And immediately -- when people say oh my God, you're victim blaming, you're victim blaming -- immediately you're supposed to lie down, quake in your boots. Like when people throw the term racist about at me for no reason. You're supposed to lie down and go, of course I'm not victim blaming. Well, guess what, actually yes I am at this point. I am pointing the finger straight at -- let's just take this one woman that’s been talking about with Roy Moore allegedly -- I am pointing my finger at her, and I'm saying to that woman, you disgust me. You spent 38 years thinking about this before you said anything, now you decide to speak. You disgust me. Because what you're doing, woman, is you're making it so that every other woman like me, who likes working with men, who's happy just cracking on next to men, who actually finds men rather better to work for than women, because the sisterhood doesn't exist -- you're making women poison to work for. If I was employing someone now, would I employ a woman, especially if I was a man, no I would not. And women like this do women like me a massive disservice. I am sick, and I am sick of all the Hollywood lot coming out and, you know, screaming about Weinstein after the event -- 

HANNITY: Let me just take the other side of this for a second. If any woman is abused, there is a violation -- I think it's violence, more than it is, when people say, I don't want to get into definitions here -- but there are predator people out there. There are evil people. Maybe for years there was a stigma associated with telling the truth. Maybe, you know what, maybe people now feel emboldened because some women have told the truth. But then also, are there false allegations? And when it's “he said, she said,” or whatever, how do you tell the difference? You know what I mean? I actually, in all of these cases, I'm sure some of these women are telling the truth. But how do we determine who are and who aren't?


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