Sean Hannity challenges Jim Acosta to a fight, having taken the CNN reporter's “schoolyard” metaphor literally

Hannity: “I'll meet him privately in a mutually agreeable schoolyard alone”

From the June 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Jim Acosta is begging to be on this radio show and TV show. And, my answer is no, go sell your garbage fake news on your lowest rated cable network. I'm not subjecting my audience to your lies and conspiracy theories and the hoaxes and your arrogant, egotistical demeanor and rudeness towards the president of the country. Sell it on fake news CNN. Then he says, “You don't have the courage to meet me in the schoolyard.” I said, “I'd be glad to meet you in a schoolyard, tell me where and when, especially I'm free the week of the Fourth of July. I'm available.”


I literally said to Acosta, stop telling your reps, stop them from harassing and begging my staff. The answer is no. I'm not promoting the 550th ranked book on Amazon to help you. Sell it on your crappy low-rated cable network you work for. Stop bothering my staff. I don't peddle lies like you do, go sell it on the lowest rated cable network in America. You don't deserve to be on the #1 show.


I will gladly meet him, but I have some conditions. I'll meet him privately in a mutually agreeable schoolyard alone. As he requested. My only condition is this meeting will have nothing to do with his failing book, his failing career, or his failing network.


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