Sean Hannity Calls On Republicans To Shut Down The Government

From the September 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: If leadership had stood with Ted Cruz, we would have repealed Obamacare


What are they supposed to do? Fund the government. You can even take the half a billion dollars and reallocate that money to womens' health issues specifically. Groups that are not under criminal investigation. That's what I would do.And what would you do then, Hannity? The Senate won't take it up. Nothing. Do nothing. If you're in the Senate keep trying to bring it up. If they bring it up and they pass it and the president vetoes it, what do we do then? Nothing. Do nothing. Go out golfing and let it shut down. Go on television and tell everybody the president and the Democrats shut down the government so that they could pay a private organization a half a billion taxpayer dollars a year for them to harvest baby organs, like lungs and livers and hearts, and sell them so that they can buy Lamborguinis. Go fight for something.


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Sean Hannity Calls For Republicans To Shut Down The Government

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