Sean Hannity calls for an investigation into Hillary Clinton, the DOJ and the FBI for an attempted “coup”

From the March 25 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): They -- at the end of the day, we know and we have evidence of a rigged FBI/Department of Justice investigation into Hillary Clinton, which needs to now be reopened. After she rigged the primary, as we all know, never understood why I was the only one that seemed to care because foundationally it's such a danger to our country. Then they tried to rig a general election and they leaked through their friends in the media Russian lies in the process, to Isakoff and David Corn and The Washington Post, and they disseminated that information to the American people, prior to the election, Russian lies of all things. When they spy, as they did, on an opposition party in a presidential election year, as they did, when they go before FISA courts and commit frauds of omission by not telling the FISA court judge who paid for the dirty Russian dossier, and fraud before the FISA court by representing what we now know as unverifiable Russian lies to secure the warrant, which denies an American citizen, in this case Carter Page, due process and constitutional rights.

When you deny a free and fair election to Donald J. Trump and his supporters and then after the election you attempt a coup of the sitting president by using, of all things, Hillary Clinton's bought and paid for Russian lies as an insurance policy. And I know everyone's praising Mueller but when you appoint a special counsel who appoints a one-sided team of pro-Hillary and anti-Trump political advocates and you still can't get to where you want to go. The damage that has been done to countless people in this is incalculable. But more importantly, the damage to our justice system is extraordinarily dangerous, in terms of is America going to have equal justice under the law? Are we going to have equal applications of our laws? Are we going to have a constitutional republic or will this be a banana republic, where the chosen powerful get to decide how this country goes?

That's why it's now time to focus on fixing this colossal, corrupt, abuse of power and mess, and no future president should ever have to endure this. The American people deserve better than what we have had happen here. And these people that abused this power, every single solitary one of them, and I'll list them, they need to be held accountable for the crimes they committed. For the abuse of intelligence weapons that they turned on their own people because they knew better. They're super patriots. 


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