Sean Hannity Calls For Excluding Low-Polling Presidential Candidates From GOP Debates

Hannity: “There Comes A Point Where You've Got To Realize That You Got To Clear The Field”

From the September 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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JAMIE DUPREE: One thing about the next debate, which will be a month from today, Sean, some Republicans are getting a little nervous that NBC, which is the host of the next debate out in Colorado in Boulder, that they are going to squeeze the size of the field and not have, you know, a pre-debate forum and then a main stage debate with so many people. We haven't gotten the exact details yet on their plans for how many people will be allowed on stage. But that's something to watch in coming days because I think there is some worry amongst Republicans that some of the lower guys might get pushed off the stage.

SEAN HANNITY: I think we gotta be realistic at some point and realize, and just state the obvious that George Pataki is not going be president. Gilmore is not going to be president. Lindsey Graham is not going to be president, and stop wasting everybody's time. You know, in certain fairness, you need like three percent at least to get into a debate, for crying out loud. I mean, these guys have -- it's the biggest platform that you could ever want and they are just wasting our time.

DUPREE: Yeah, if you cut it at three [percent], for an example, right now if you go to RealClearPolitics and look at the average of the last few polls, that would get rid of Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Jindal, Graham, and Pataki. In fact, in the national polls right now, if you can believe it, Pataki is actually slightly ahead of Jindal when it comes to polling.

HANNITY: Wow, that's pretty interesting. But, you know what, there comes a point where you've got to realize that you got to clear the field, and that's something that Scott Walker - I think very courageously - recognized, although I think he might have done better if he had stayed in the race for any length of time.