Sean Hannity Calls Allegations Of Russian Hacking To Benefit Trump “Politically Motivated” “Fake News”

Hannity: "I’m Just Assuming This Is Another Liberal Fake News Story That They’re All Falling For, And It’s Politically Motivated”

From the December 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): They manipulated the intelligence on Benghazi for political reasons. You know, why do we now suddenly believe the CIA is rising above politics, when they helped concoct a false narrative about Benghazi?

Then, Sunday's Washington Post, the FBI disagrees with the CIA, I mean, it's almost -- you can't even make this stuff up. And it's hardly breaking news that the FBI doubts the CIA's claims. New York Times reported on this, as I just read to you, FBI's been conducting multiple investigations, even CNN reports, of alleged connections between Russia and Donald Trump, but none so far have yielded proof of criminal connections between the parties.

That investigation included allegations against Roger Stone, a Trump supporter, about a possible connection. I'll tell you this, because I -- I've talked to Julian Assange, on-air, off-air, on TV, on radio, and I've watched him give other speeches, and he categorically denies any of this came from Russia, any of it.

So, you know -- unless, and until we can prove it, I'm just assuming this is another liberal media fake news story that they're all falling for, and it's politically motivated, as evidenced by their lack of concern about hiking -- hacking and cybersecurity over the years.


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