Sean Hannity calls abortion a “distraction issue”

Sean Hannity calls abortion a "distraction issue"

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Citation From the May 4, 2022, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let me just go back to this abortion thing, this distraction issue.

You got to understand what's going on here. And this is important. The game plan is clear. They have nothing that they can run on, not a single issue. Where they get the border safer. Gas prices are lower. No, they're record highs. The economy's doing great. No. Forty year high of inflation, interest rates now soaring. You know, fifty basis points today, 0.5 percent increase, that's a half a point increase. We're already over five percent for interest rates.

How many of you refinanced and got a thirty year fixed loan in the twos or low threes or mid threes. And anything under four, you ought to be doing back flips right now because you saved yourself a fortune. And I'll tell you right now, the five and a half percent now, you're going to look back and be glad you got that. So if you haven't refinanced, I'm telling you You got to get it done. Also debt consolidation.

So they're gonna -- they -- what they will do is lie. And they will use all the inflammatory destructive rhetoric about abortion that they can, you know, muster up. And they think this is their only lifeline to cling to. It's not gonna work.