Sean Hannity brushes off Alex Jones' Sandy Hook smear, claims banning Jones from social media is a “slippery slope”

Hannity: Jones “has a fairly significant audience. Yeah, he said what he said about Sandy Hook, I've actually never heard his show”

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let me ask you about this particular case. I know people, there are a lot of people that like Alex Jones. He has a fairly significant audience. Yeah, he said what he said about Sandy Hook, I’ve actually never really heard his show, I’ve only seen clips on like Mediaite of him. I don’t listen to really anybody else’s show, I just try to focus on my own shows. But now, what I think most of your Twitter, people that use Twitter are probably concerned about, it’s a slippery slope, who gets to decide what’s controversial content? Who gets to decide what gets pulled off and what doesn’t get pulled off? Who gets to decide any of this? Isn’t there an argument to be made, Jack that people should decide, meaning they don’t have to go to that Twitter account, they don’t have to read certain things? And from my own experience you can go look at my timeline, and I promise you you’re going to see horrific things about me. And by the way, they make these things, what do you call, memes, they’re pretty vicious and hostile, I’d prefer my kids not see them but I’m a kind of First Amendment purist in a way.

JACK DORSEY: Yeah, I mean I think there’s a few things so first, yes, people should decide who they follow and who they want to hear from. And that’s a fairly mechanical action, hitting the follow button and those tweets should appear in your timeline.


HANNITY: Are you concerned if you make a decision on Alex Jones or somebody, Louis Farrakhan is controversial. I’m not comparing the two in any way, I’m just giving two names just out of a hat. If this happens do you see an alternative Twitter universe that lets it all go? Maybe with the exception of violence or threats to individuals. At least you’re willing to come on this show and answer some questions for people, I applaud you for that, Facebook and I know YouTube are in hiding right now under their desks and they don’t want to respond and I think you deserve a lot of credit for that. You know what I’m asking here I mean, is there a competitor that’s going to come up and say we’re going to let everybody say what they want to say too bad, as long as it’s not a threat?


We do believe in the power of free expression but we also need to balance that with the fact that bad faith actors intentionally try to silence other voices. And that is not allowing everyone to freely express themselves.

HANNITY: I bet you over the years have gotten people to say hey, you need to ban Sean Hannity, is that true?

DORSEY: I haven’t heard those requests directly but I’m sure someone is saying it somewhere.


HANNITY: I honestly applaud you, I know these other guys are hiding under their desks and you know what, I know some people will like what you have to say or not like what you have to say but I appreciate your approach of dealing with this directly. I offer this show to you, my TV show anytime you want because I think it’s an important issue and I do think it’s far more complicated and far more nuanced than some of the headlines I’ve been reading but I am concerned if it’s going to turn into a ban only conservative issue, which I could see happening.


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