Sean Hannity: “Behind the scenes” sources say Trump and Senate Republicans reached a secret deal on national emergency 

Hannity: Senate Republicans “made a deal. That the president signs this bad bill. They would support his emergency actions”  

From the February 14 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Moments ago, after the Senate, House followed through they passed a spending bill to avert the government shutdown as the White House explained today the president will sign this deal but, he will be declaring, probably tomorrow, simultaneously a national emergency. That will allow him to redirect funds to construct barriers along our southern border. Now, look, part of this whole saga is that Republicans sadly are weak. Democrats want open borders. To me, this bill is nothing but garbage. It is a swamp sewer bill. It has just a mere 1.375 billion for barriers. It comes with a host of restrictions. Of what can be built and where. This bill gives local mayors the effective veto over it. And it also slashes detention space. And get, this as the Center for Immigration Studies Jessica Vaughan notes, it provides “a de facto sanctuary for anyone” with an unaccompanied minor potentially providing a safe haven for violent gang members. As I called it from the beginning it's a garbage swamp bill. The president also knows this. I'm going to give you the behind the scenes in a minute. 

Like I've also said, I don't really in the end care if the president signs this bill. I don't like it. But, the president gets the money because only that -- he follows through on making sure that we once and for all in this country secure the border. We need, this is our opportunity, now or never. So for those of you that are mad, I fully understand. Now we know that he is going to get the wall built by taking lawful actions.

And as my sources confirm, and this is the behind the scenes that nobody else is going to report, one of the main reasons that the president is supporting this horrible bill is because weak Republicans in the Senate behind the scenes who are afraid of the president using emergency measures. So they made a deal. That the president signs this bad bill. They would support his emergency actions that will happen tomorrow and that also includes anywhere between 900 million and up to $10 billion that he has the authority to redirect and use for the border wall. So the president is fighting for safety, security, this is life and death. Democrats, they aren't fighting for anything. 


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