Sean Hannity attacks striking UAW workers and defends CEO pay and corporate profits

Hannity: “They got to make a profit”

Sean Hannity attacks striking UAW workers and defends CEO pay and corporate profits

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Citation From the September 26, 2023, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): It doesn't mean a thing to me about this UAW issue. I will say this -- now, the latest offer was a 21% pay increase rejected by the union. They wanted a four day work week -- 32 hour day -- 32 week -- work week. Sorry, guys, I can't support that. I love you guys, I love working people. I don't care if you do 40 hours in four days, I'm cool with that. You got to get your 40 hours in, got to get the production time on the line. They got to make a profit. 

You know, I think the answer is -- and a lot of CEO pay is based on performance and it's a significant amount of money. In many cases, for CEOs, it's tens of millions of dollars based on how well that company does. Some people take small base salaries and they're betting that they're going to be able to make the company a big fat profit.

Anyway, the union now wants a 30 to 40% pay increase -- pretty high. I think probably the answer is the best answer: real profit-sharing. What do I mean by that? An hourly wage that people can support their families and that everybody then is pulling in the same direction, and that means pulling for a successful company so they can get a big fat check like all these Wall Street fat cats at the, you know, end of every fiscal year. And I mean real bonuses, not phony bonuses.

You know, the union is mad that the CEOs got a 40% raise. Okay, they ended up making a lot of money and profit, although, you know, the canary in the coal mine in the entire business is Ford lost 4.5 million. That's a lot of money to lose. 4.5 million. Oh, I'm sorry, did I say million? I'm an idiot. No, 4.5 billion in their electric vehicle line. That's unsustainable. They cannot sustain that. 

And Donald Trump biting tough with China. Guess what? That's going to benefit the UAW. That's going to benefit workers.