Sean Hannity attacks MSNBC for interviewing Lev Parnas and calls the network “state run” TV

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Citation From the January 15, 2020 edition of Fox News' Hannity: 

SEAH HANNITY: Yesterday, last-ditch effort, Hail Mary, smear job, yup the congenital liar attached new documents to the articles of impeachment. Including so-called evidence from a former Giuliani contact. Oh by the way on conspiracy TV. The guy is facing federal charges from the Southern District of New York. You don't really want to mess with those people. Campaign finance violations, whole bunch of other stuff. So he goes right to state-run MSDNC conspiracy channel media. Keep in mind when people like him, trying to stay out of jail, think about this, how many times have we heard from the liberals "oh you can't waterboard, or use enhanced interrogation because people will say anything, they'll lie to make it end." Well people trying to stay out of jail, in my humble opinion, they'll say anything.