Sean Hannity Attacks Jorge Ramos For Pointing Out Trump's Bigoted, Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Hannity: “I Don't Really Need Lectures From You, Jorge Ramos”

From the March 23 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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JORGE RAMOS: You can be much more challenging with Donald Trump, Sean, and you haven't been --

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Excuse me, I don't need lectures from you --

RAMOS: And you haven't been challenging Donald Trump.

HANNITY: Because you act like a sanctimonious, objective reporter and you've got an agenda. You support open borders. You support illegal immigration. And you seem to be willing to risk the lives of Americans in the process.

Later on the March 23 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

JORGE RAMOS: I saw your forum on March 9 in North Carolina. You had an hour with Donald Trump, more than 30 questions and comments. Not even once did you challenge Donald Trump on the largest mass deportations, on banning 1.5 billion Muslims simply because of their religion.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I've asked him that question in prior interviews. If you'd watch my show regularly, you would have seen that I've asked that question. I've asked the question!

RAMOS: Or even criticizing him for his sexist remarks on women.

HANNITY: You're missing the point. Jorge, wait a minute.

RAMOS: You didn't even ask for an apology for your colleague Megyn Kelly.

HANNITY: You are taking -- I don't need your lectures, thank you very much.

RAMOS: You have one hour with him, you just didn't touch him.

HANNITY: You don't care about the 642,000 Texans. You're taking, wait a minute, you're taking his comments out of context.

RAMOS: The transcript is right here, Sean. The transcript is right here.

HANNITY: You're taking his comments out of context. You're calling him racist. You're calling him bigoted and you totally misrepresent what he said, and you think you're the superior reporter? I don't really need lectures from you, Jorge Ramos.

RAMOS: I haven't called, this is what I've said.

HANNITY: You called him a racist.

RAMOS: I don't know what's in his heart, but I know exactly what's coming out of his mouth. And what he's saying about Mexican immigrants, what he's saying about Muslims, and what he's saying about women is completely unacceptable. And he's absolutely wrong on that.


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