Sean Hannity attacks “hacks and the media mob” warning about Donald Trump's plan for “retribution”

Hannity: “The people who hate Donald Trump, they simply have been and continue to lie to you”

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Citation From the December 5, 2023, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): For years America's bloated bureaucracy, it has become politicized. That includes the FBI, the DOJ, which have wasted precious time and resources with political, motivated witch-hunts. What? They're looking into traditional Catholics or angry parents that go to school board meetings or pro-life advocates that are nonviolent? You know, Trump supporters? Donald Trump himself?

Instead of investigating real threats like terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, gang violence, the FBI, their hyperpartisan Washington field office has obsessively, compulsively been targeting one person, one man, one family and that is Donald Trump, the Trump Organization and the Trump family. So now, the 45th president is bowing to fight back and obliterate the deep state. Let's take a look.


DONALD TRUMP: If you put me back in the White House, their reign is over. Their reign will be over. And they know it. And America will be a free nation once again. We're not a free nation now. We don't have free press. We don't have free anything. In 2016, I declared I am your voice. Today, I add I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution. I am your retribution. Not going to let this happen. 


HANNITY: Now, that's become a controversy among the left. Wrong, as he said earlier, but we will play for him and get a response tonight. Now, that's an important promise. America's weaponized, politicized bureaucracy, it's got to be dismantled. The far left hacks and the media mob, of course, they disagree. And once again they are predicting doom and gloom if Donald Trump is elected. 

Here's The Washington Post yesterday: "The Fear of a Looming Trump Dictatorship." And this is today's headline from "Americans are sleepwalking into a Trump dictatorship." That's now their favorite word. Over at fake news, all cable news channels, you know they are featuring the same brand of fear mongering. Obviously it's clear they don't want to talk about Joe Biden and his failed record. Take a look. 


Here's the thing. We already know what would happen under a Trump presidency. Why? Because he's already been president. Lower taxes, stronger growth, a secure border, peace in the Middle East, new trade deals, energy independence and a push to reform our bloated bureaucracy. There was no dictatorship. We did not lose our constitutional rights. We did not go to war. The people who hate Donald Trump, they simply have been and continue to lie to you. 

Now, it's Joe Biden who has been using the justice system, his DOJ, to inflict retribution against his political rivals.