Sean Hannity and his guest complain about women going to HR after experiencing workplace harassment

Hannity to female guest: “Do you wear, like, granny jammy underwear, like old lady underwear?”

From the August 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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KATIE HOPKINS: You try being me. Look, I have two girls and they are twelve and eleven, and I don't want to discuss their assets, but let's just put it this way --


HOPKINS: They have bigger boobs than I do.

HANNITY: Oh, stop, stop, please --

HOPKINS: My little lovely cleaner, she puts away my underwear in my 11-year-old daughter's drawer. That's humiliating, that's the sort of stuff I have to deal with --

HANNITY: Well what do you wear, like, granny jammy underwear, like old lady underwear?

HOPKINS: No, it's just that because my assets are considerably less than the daughters I've given birth to, everyone gets muddled in the underwear department, and it is humiliating. In fact, I just sent you guys something we ran on the Daily Mail earlier, where there was a restaurant in China that was offering a bigger discount, the bigger your bra size, or the cup size that you wear. So, if you have like, really big boobs, you've got like a 65 percent discount.

HANNITY: Alright, this is way out of my league, and I don't want to talk about this, especially in light of the political correct atmosphere.

HOPKINS: Of course.

HANNITY: You know, you can't even tell - I mean, this is a part of life, I mean, “Wow. that really looks nice on you,” -- “What? Sexual harassment” --


HANNITY: I swear to God I know somebody at some company, and I'm not going to tell you where, where a guy at work said to a girl “Hey, would you like to get a drink after work?” and the girl literally said -- went to HR, and said “I felt uncomfortable he asked me to go get a drink after work.”

HOPKINS: It's so disappointing, I can tell you vaguely as a women, it's so disappointing, Sean, because women are gonna end up litigating themselves out of the workplace entirely, because why would you employ a woman if this is the sort of stuff you're just going to get endlessly thrown at men who are just trying to be kind of good company to work with?

HANNITY: No, but in fairness though there are guys that are horrible. I mean, there are people that are horrible.

HOPKINS: Yeah, and there are women that are horrible too, but we all have to stop this relentless running to HR. I do think HR is the source of much malevolence in large organizations, but that's my personal view.


Fox's Bolling has made sexist comments on air for years. He was just suspended while being investigated for harassment.

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