Sean Hannity and Eric Trump agree “there is no question” the Ukraine scandal “starts with Obama”

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Citation From the October 9th edition of Fox's Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I think there is a very big reason that Obama is being quiet, because all of this abuse of power, all of this corruption, all happened on his watch. And remember the infamous text messages, Strzok and Page, yeah, the White House wants to be kept apprised of every single detail, the Oval Office, there you go. 

ERIC TRUMP: Oh, there is no question it leads right to him. And by the way, it's not exactly like, you know, he's a quiet guy. And he has run away from this. He has run away from his vice president. Could you imagine if the roles were reversed, right, and this was Mike Pence, right? I mean they would be killing my father right now. They’re not even asking Obama about this. Obama has got a complete hall pass for this whole situation. It’s ridiculous. The hypocrisy is absolutely ridiculous. There is no question it starts with Obama, there's no question he was involved.