Rush Limbaugh: NFL protests are a leftist plot “to cause great damage to the NFL” because it stands for “masculinity”

Limbaugh: “You go to college campuses now and you'll find classes on how to take masculinity out of men”

From the September 28 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: What's the point? They're not accomplishing anything except harming the enterprise. Whatever's happening in the NFL right now, it's not how you grow it.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You said the owners are clueless, you said this is about race, and I think the most profound thing you said is “they're now being used by the left in this country that wants to take away institutions,” and the -- that “the NFL is anathema to the left.”

LIMBAUGH: Well, saying this is risky, because I firmly believe it --

HANNITY: Don't get in trouble -- don't get in trouble. Go ahead.

LIMBAUGH: No, I'm saying that people don't look -- when I say what I'm going to say, people are going to react, “Oh come on, are you serious?” And I just want to tell you I am, and this is why I'm so concerned. I do believe that the left wants to cause great damage to the NFL.

What does the NFL stand for? Masculinity, strength, toughness. So, what are they doing to it? You go to college campuses now and you'll find classes on how to take masculinity out of men. It's actually happening. There are studies and courses in college that do this. It's patriotic, you've got the flag, you've got the anthem, you've got uniformed military personnel, all the things that the left wants to erase from this country.

They don't like displays of patriotism, strength, rugged individualism, and that's why the players are being used here. They think it's about police brutality, they think it's about righting social wrongs, and so forth. This is an attack on the NFL as an institution for shaking it down and lowering its profile and impact on American culture. We're in the midst of a culture war. Everybody knows it.


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