Roger Stone Uses Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory To Promote Upcoming Book On Hannity's Radio Show

From the September 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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ROGER STONE: They have a deep concern about this book but it's not about me. I'm a libertine. I'm out there, Sean, but it's not about me. Let the books rise or fall based on the documentation in it. Read the chilling words of these women themselves.

SEAN HANNITY: Do you put all of that in there? I know I'm getting into --

STONE: This is the definitive expose of Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea. This book is a incredibly true story about intimidation, rape, sexual assault, drugs, greed, ambition, lies, and perhaps murder. So it is, it's the --

HANNITY: Perhaps murder?

STONE: Well because we go into the Jerry Parks case and examine it. Parks is someone who had the goods on Bill Clinton, who dies mysteriously, and we lay out the facts for people. Vince Foster I don't believe -- my conclusion after studying this for the book and I do address the Vince Foster thing, although not in detail. I think he killed himself, but Hillary's goons moved the body. They get the body out of the -- out of the, the Executive Office Building because they didn't want it to be a crime scene where the Clintons' financial records would be available to the investigators. How do I know this? Hillary says it in her book, “Hard Choices.” That was her first thought when she learned that Foster was dead. Her words.

HANNITY: That's her first thought about her lifelong friend, great.


STONE: Well and Sean I named the two guys who moved the body. I have confirmed who moves the body on Hillary's orders, but let me just say this: Foster's found 30 yards down a muddy trail. There's no dirt or mud on his shoes. Case closed. His body was dumped. He has carpet fibers all over his body. Not Roger Stone saying that, the FBI toxicology report. That's because they rolled him in a carpet. And I name the Clintonites, the Clinton goons who moved him.

HANNITY: Who are they?

STONE: Let's wait until we get to book publication week because you'll have the exclusive on that.


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