RNC Head Priebus On Proposal For Debate Moderated By Hannity, Levin, And Tantaros: “That's A Very Good Idea”

Tantaros: “We Also Have The Fox News Channel”

From the August 7 edition of Talk Radio Network's The Andrea Tantaros Show:

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TANTAROS: Chairman, what do you think about a talk radio debate, where maybe I get together with my buddy Sean Hannity and maybe a Mark Levin, and we interview some of the candidates? Because the base I think would like that.

REINCE PRIEBUS: Listen, I don't think that's a, I don't -- I actually think that's a very good idea. I think partnering with talk radio, whether it be some of you all, or Salem Communications, I mean there's a lot of good people out there that can actually understand the base of the Republican Party, the primary voters. I mean you all understand, OK, you have one -- there are some people in our party that think that -- you know, on immigration, have different views. On the issue of tactics in, on the funding of Obamacare. I mean you can very easily parse that out in a way that actually provides some substance to the Republican primary voters and what they actually want to talk about and understand.

TANTAROS: Yeah, and not create that circular firing squad that the liberal media does. My interest is not to hurt any Republican running for office. It's to give the base voters the best answers on policy issues that matter to them. And so look, I'm open to it, I would love to do it. I think we could be fair and work out a deal. Talk Radio Network's awesome. And we also have the Fox News Channel as well, so that was the best debate that you guys did last time that you participated in. 


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