Right-Wing Media Use Logan's Attack To Justify Bigotry Against Muslims

In the wake of the brutal and devastating sexual assault committed against CBS News international correspondent Lara Logan by an Egyptian mob, many in the right-wing media have used the attack to fuel their anti-Muslim agenda.

Right-Wing Media Tout Logan's Assault As Proof Muslims Are “Violent” “Animals”

Schlussel: It “Warms My Heart” That Logan Got “A Taste Of Just How 'Peaceful' Muslims And Islam Really Are.” In a February 15 post on her website, conservative radio host Debbie Schlussel criticized Logan, stating that “Islam Fan Lara Logan Gets a Taste of Islam.” In a February 16 update to the post, she stated that the assault on Logan “warms my heart.” From the post:

I did say that it warms my heart when reporters who openly deny that Islam is violent and constantly promote it get the same kinds of threats of violence I get every day from Muslims. Because now they know how it feels. They aren't so dismissive of the threats when those threats are directed at them, instead of at us little people. And yet they still won't admit that THIS. IS. ISLAM. Lara Logan was among the chief cheerleaders of this “revolution” by animals. Now she knows what Islamic revolution is really all about.


So sad, too bad, Lara. No one told her to go there. She knew the risks. And she should have known what Islam is all about. Now she knows. Or so we'd hope. But in the case of the media vis-a-vis Islam, that's a hope that's generally unanswered. [Media Matters, 2/16/11; Debbie Schlussel, 2/15/11]

Hoft Blames Logan For Her Sexual Assault, Because Her “Liberal Belief System Almost Got Her Killed.” In a February 16 Gateway Pundit post, Jim Hoft stated: “Lara Logan is lucky she's alive. Her liberal belief system almost got her killed on Friday.” When confronted by Media Matters, Hoft refused to retract the smear, stating of the “far left”: "[Y]our twisted agenda has caused such havoc and pain around the world." [Media Matters, 2/16/11]

Malkin: “This Is Business As Usual For Many Parts Of The Middle East.” During a February 16 interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin said of the attacks on Logan: “It's monstrous, and as many women in particular will tell you, this is business as usual for many parts of the Middle East.” [Fox News' Hannity, 2/16/11]

Beck Cites Sexual Assault Against Logan As Evidence That He Was Right About Egypt. During the February 16 edition of his Fox News program, Glenn Beck stated: “This was the only program -- we were mocked and ridiculed. I said, 'Don't pay attention to this scene. Don't do it. This is the beginning, this is not the end.'” He added, “While everyone was saying, 'Oh listen, this is great!' in this crowd, we found out today, that an American woman was being sexually assaulted.” [Fox News' Glenn Beck, 2/16/11]