Right-Wing Media Throw A Fit About Obama Not Issuing Easter “Proclamation”

Conservative media outlets are very upset that President Obama didn't issue a “proclamation” for Easter this year.

For example, here's the segment Sean Hannity did on the topic with his “Great American Panel” last night:

Hannity's setup prompted panelist Nancy Pfotenhauer, a Republican strategist, to call it “a mistake, a political error of such magnitude that it almost defies explanation. I mean, it leaves people thinking that he is either hostile or indifferent.”

This faux controversy stems mainly from a post on Fox Nation, News Corp.'s race-baiting birther website, and it all turns on playing cute with the term “proclamation.”

Despite assertions by the right-wing media to the contrary, presidential proclamations have not historically marked religious holidays. As Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson noted, presidents going back through at least 1980 have not released a proclamation about Easter.

Obama has indeed released other kinds of statements marking a variety of religious holidays, but like his predecessors, he has not made them “proclamations.”

In addition, Obama held an Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House last week. And yes, video and transcript of his remarks at the breakfast are available on the White House website. (Rush Limbaugh already attacked the substance of those comments last week.)

As usual, the Obamas hosted the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, and Obama also mentioned Easter in his most recent weekly address.

If this attack from conservative media outlets isn't about casting doubt on Obama's Christianity, then what is it about? The specific labeling that Obama's comments on Easter receive?