Right-Wing Media Outraged After Obama Declares Intent To Cooperate With GOP

Right-wing media reacted with disbelief and outrage at President Obama's post-election speech, in which he said he intends to cooperate with Republicans -- despite Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell making the same claim earlier the same day.

Obama And McConnell Declare Intent To Cooperate

Obama, McConnell Pledge To Work Together Following Midterm Election. In November 5 speeches, both Obama and McConnell, who is likely to become Senate majority leader, declared their intent for the GOP and Democrats to work together. From The New York Times:

President Obama on Wednesday said he had heard the message voters sent on Election Day and was ready to work with Republicans who dealt his party devastating losses. Even so, he promised to go forward with unilateral action on immigration despite strong Republican opposition.


The president said he would be willing to compromise with Republicans on trade, corporate tax reform and infrastructure spending, but vowed he would not back down from his promise to act on his own to overhaul the immigration system despite vocal Republican opposition


In his own news conference in Louisville, Ky., Senator Mitch McConnell, who is likely to lead the new Republican majority in the Senate next year, vowed a spirit of cooperation and compromise with Mr. Obama even as he cautioned that a more starkly divided government in Washington would inevitably lead to sharp partisan disagreements.

“When the American people choose divided government, I don't think it means they don't want us to do anything,” Mr. McConnell told reporters in his first news conference since his party trounced Democrats in Tuesday'selections. “We ought to start with the view that maybe there are some things we can agree on to make progress for the country.” [The New York Times11/5/14]

Right-Wing Media React To Obama's Speech With Outrage

Fox's Hannity: Obama Showed “Breathtaking Arrogance”At Press Conference. During the November 5 edition of his radio program, Fox News host Sean Hannity asserted that Obama was demonstrating “breathtaking arrogance” during his press conference. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show11/5/14]

Fox's Pavlich: Obama “Just Doesn't Give A Damn” That Republicans Won Election. Fox News contributor and TownHall editor Katie Pavlich responded to Obama's speech by claiming he “just doesn't give a damn”:

[Twitter.com, 11/5/14]

RedState's Erickson: Obama Is A “Petulant Man Child” Who“Just Gave [Americans] The Middle Finger.” RedState editor and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson responded to Obama's speech by claiming that the president was a “petulant man child” who gave “the middle finger” to Americans:

[Twitter.com 11/5/14Twitter.com11/5/14]

Drudge: Obama Will “Do Whatever He Wants” Because Republicans “Won't Arrest Him.” Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, responded to Obama's speech by claiming that Obama would “do whatever he wants anyway” because Republicans “won't arrest him”:

[Twitter.com, 11/5/13]

Fox's Starnes: Obama Has “No Intention” Of Working With Republicans. Fox News' Todd Starnes claimed Obama has “no intention” of actually working with Republicans:

[Twitter.com, 11/5/14]

Fox's Tammy Bruce: “Obama's Insane.” Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce responded to Obama's speech by tweeting that “Obama's insane”:

[Twitter.com, 11/5/14]

Michelle Malkin: Obama Is “Narcissus-In-Chief.” Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin responded to Obama's speech by calling him “Narcissus-in-chief”: 

[Twitter.com, 11/5/14]