Right-wing media demand that Trump fire FBI Director Christopher Wray

Right-wing media figures are demanding that President Donald Trump fire FBI Director Christopher Wray in response to developments in the investigation of former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn. Flynn's case has served as a rallying cry for conservatives against what they say is a justice system rigged against President Donald Trump, and new evidence in the case has amped up anger at the agency and its head.

Flynn previously admitted to lying to the FBI about questions regarding Russia and filing false statements with the Department of Justice in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Documents pertaining to the initial investigation were recently released following Attorney General Bill Barr’s order to review the investigation into Flynn. 

Flynn’s defense, led by pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, claimed the documents show that Flynn was “set up” by the FBI, but experts say that the documents do not reveal a perjury trap. They argue that Trump’s defenders are using the documents to declare a bombshell where there isn’t one and seizing the opportunity to oust Wray, whom Trump named FBI director in 2017 following the firing of James Comey and who some conservatives feel hasn't done enough to hold top agency officials accountable.

House Republicans are now both calling for the FBI to investigate Flynn's case and attacking Wray, writing a May 4 letter that sources described to Axios as “a direct rebuke of Wray.” And conservative media personalities are likewise ramping up their own attacks, with many calling for his firing:

  • On Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox News host Lou Dobbs called for Wray to be investigated. Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton agreed that “the cover-up is continuing under Director Wray.” Dobbs also accused Wray of “stonewall[ing]” government agencies and Congress “with an arrogant smirk on his face as he did.”

  • In an opening monologue lambasting Wray, Fox host Jeanine Pirro said Wray is “as deep in the swamp as you could get” and told the president directly, “We have lost faith in the FBI and it cannot be regained until Christopher Wray is gone.”

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Citation From the May 2, 2020, edition of Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine 

  • On his Fox show, host Sean Hannity said that Wray looks “like an institutionalist, and that concerns me.” 

  • Right-wing blog RedState published an article arguing: “It’s time to fire Christopher Wray…now.” 

  • Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson tweeted a message to Trump asking him, “humbly on behalf of our nation,” to “please fire FBI Director Wray.” Johnson added, “Protect America from the evil that wants to destroy it from within.”

  • On his talk radio show, Sebastian Gorka asked Fox contributor Dan Bongino, “Why does Christopher Wray still have a job?” Bongino responded that he has asked Trump that directly but he “cannot for the life of me understand how the current director of the FBI is still in his position."

  •  In an interview with conservative talk show host Howie Carr, attorney Joe diGenova said that Trump “can't wait, he has to fire Chris Wray."
  • Boston Herald columnist and right-wing commentator Adriana Cohen tweeted, “Why no accountability for the frame job of Gen. Flynn? Many believe if Dir. Wray doesn’t clean up the #FBICorruption with #RussiaHoax he should be replaced.”

  • The Daily Caller columnist Eddie Zipperer

  • The Daily Caller’s Eddie Zipperer also tweeted that Trump “should fire FBI director Christopher Wray and replace him with a director who will be transparent about the corruption,” adding, “Wray clearly has no interest in being part of the solution.”