Right-Wing Media Call Susan Rice's Elevation To National Security Advisor An Insult To America

After President Obama named former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice as his new national security advisor, right-wing media figures called the appointment a “slap in the face,” a “middle finger,” and an “eff you” to Americans.

President Obama Selects Susan Rice As New National Security Advisor

Obama Names Former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice As National Security Advisor. From a June 5 statement by President Obama about selecting Susan Rice as the next national security advisor:

OBAMA: Of all the jobs in government, leading my national security team is certainly one of the most demanding, if not the most demanding.  And since the moment I took office, I've counted on the exceptional experience and insights of Tom Donilon.  Nearly every day for the past several years I've started each morning with Tom leading the presidential daily brief, hundreds of times, a sweeping assessment of global developments and the most pressing challenges.  As my National Security Advisor his portfolio is literally the entire world. 


Today, I am wistful to announce that after more than four years of extraordinary service, Tom has decided to step aside at the beginning of July.  And I am extraordinarily proud to announce my new National Security Advisor, our outstanding Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice -- (applause) -- as well as my nominee to replace Susan in New York, Samantha Power.  (Applause.)  [The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, 6/5/13]

Right-Wing Media React By Calling Appointment An Insult To America

Fox News' Sean Hannity: Rice Appointment Is “A Slap In The Face To All Americans.” Fox News host Sean Hannity said that Susan Rice's appointment as national security advisor was “arrogant,” “reckless,” and “a slap in the face to all Americans”:

HANNITY: In one of the most arrogant, downright reckless decisions of his entire presidency, Barack Obama has selected his ambassador to the U.N. as his next national security advisor. Now while the left wants to spin Susan Rice's unwarranted promotion as some sort of partisan payback against Republicans, the fact is this brazen act is a slap in the face to all Americans. [Fox News, Hannity, 6/5/13]

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly: Rice Appointment Is Giving “The Middle Digit” To America. Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, discussing Rice's appointment as national security advisor with Fox News host Bob Beckel, said:

O'REILLY: Now why would you, if you're a leader of a country -- and you're not just the leader of your party, but you're the leader of all Americans -- why would you -- and I think you -- your aptly put it -- kind of give everybody a little jazz? Kind of give them the middle digit? Why would you do that? [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 6/5/13]

Fox News' Michelle Malkin: Rice Appointment Is “A Middle Finger” To Benghazi Attack Victims. On Hannity, Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin said Rice's appointment as national security advisor was “not just a poke in the eye. It is a middle finger to the -- all of the victims of the Benghazi disaster.” She continued, “It is the utmost in naked contempt defiance to put this woman at any position of responsibility when it comes to national security.” [Fox News, Hannity, 6/5/13]

Rush Limbaugh: Appointment Of Rice Is An “Eff You.” On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said of Susan Rice's appointment as national security advisor and the nomination of Samantha Power to replace her at the U.N.:

LIMBAUGH: What Obama is doing here with these two appointments -- he's basically just -- can I be -- I'll pretend to be John Kerry, and I'm going to tell you what these two appointments are -- they're eff you, and he is saying that to us. And that is why he is making these appointments. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 6/5/13]

Wash. Post's Jennifer Rubin: Rice Nomination “Is An In-Your-Face Insult” To Congress And Those Killed In Benghazi. Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin wrote about Rice's appointment as national security advisor:

Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, who leapt from dishonest talking points to out and out falsehoods (it was a spontaneous attack sparked by an anti-Muslim narrative!) on the Benghazi attack, gets her reward today -- a promotion to national security adviser. She'll not need Senate confirmation, but her appointment should not halt efforts to subpoena her for her conduct as ambassador to the U.N. It is noteworthy that President Obama did not have the nerve to nominate her for secretary of state, where she would have faced an onslaught of questions about her infamous Sunday talk show performance.

The move is an in-your-face insult to Congress, to the Americans killed in Benghazi and their families and another instance of utterly incompetent, dishonest loyalists getting the really big jobs (e.g. Chuck Hagel). [The Washington Post, Right Turn, 6/5/13

Fox News' Todd Starnes: Rice Appointment Is An “Up Yours” To America. Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes tweeted the following comment about Rice's appointment as national security advisor:

Todd Starnes: Obama's appointment of Susan Rice is a great big

[Twitter, 6/5/13]

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