Potential Trump Press Secretary Calls Climate Change A “Wealth Redistribution Scheme” To “Turn The Earth Into God”

Fox’s Monica Crowley Is A Rumored Finalist For Trump Administration Press Secretary

From the December 5 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The left and the liberal mainstream media, they're having a melt down over what they call a rise in fake news across the country, but they've turned a very blind eye to real fake news like global warming propaganda being pushed by the press and the left-wing, for years.


HANNITY: If it snows, it's global warming. If it doesn't snow, global warming. If there's an earthquake, quake, global warming. If there's not one, global warming. It doesn't matter, they blame everything, but in the 1970s, Monica Crowley, they were saying in Time Magazine the next ice age is coming. So, we go from ice age, to global warming, now to climate change, so no matter what the climate is, they've got an excuse.

MONICA CROWLEY: Well, of course, because what this is for the left, and this has been the case now, since they started to make this argument three decades ago plus, is a massive wealth redistribution scheme. It's also a critical part of secular progressivism where they turn the environment into god.

HANNITY: How does this --

CROWLEY So, it's a way of separating Americans and westerners from god and organized religion, and it's also a wealth redistribution scheme.

HANNITY: But isn't it predicated -- Let me ask you this. Isn't it predicated on the belief that we're raping and pillaging the planet for profit and if we cut down a tree to build a house, somehow somebody is going to make a profit?

CROWLEY: Yeah, but again, this is part of the secular progressive agenda, and has been for a long time. It does turn the Earth into God and replaces God. But more importantly, Sean, as I tried to say, it's about taking wealth from wealthy individuals in the western world and wealthy countries and transferring that wealth to the third world, and elsewhere, according to how the global elites see fit. This is nothing to do with the climate. This is nothing to do with the environment.


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