Pat Buchanan: What Is Wrong With Preferring “Predominantly Christian ... Western, European” Refugees?

Buchanan: “If We're Going To Have Refugees ... Why Is It Wrong To Have Them From Groups That Formed The United States Of America And Built It?”

From the November 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): [R]adical Islamists exist. In spite of what Hillary and Obama keep telling us. There was a new Pew poll that was released this week that revealed that between 63 million and 287 million Muslims in 11 Islamic countries support ISIS. Now, in your column, and you just mentioned it, you referred to the soccer game. It was between Turkey and Greece. It was in Istanbul. And what happened? They called for a moment of silence for those that were the hundred plus, hundred and thirty some odd people killed in the attacks in Paris. And the hundreds of others that were injured. A moment of silence and what did the crowd in Istanbul do? Well, they started cheering, and booing, and screaming, and chanting “Allahu Akbar.” So one has to then ask the question, is radical Islamists or sympathy for radical Islam greater than what everybody seems to want to tell us? That it's a small minority. It has nothing to do with Islam as Hillary said this week and what Obama keeps lecturing us. In other words, are there more sympathizers of radical Islam than we want to acknowledge here? 

PAT BUCHANAN: Well there certainly are. Look, Sean. There is in that part of the world because of our long history that goes back all the way back to the Muslim invasion of Spain and France. All the way back to the battles in Vienna. And all were great struggles between Islam and the west. And there's a sense in Islam that the west came in there after World War One and imposed its will upon these people and they basically, some many of them have a real hostility to West and they care --warriors who fight the west. But look, America I grew up in was a predominately Christian, predominantly Western, predominantly European country. What was wrong with it? I don't believe there was something wrong with it. I don't believe the people who want to change it into something else are necessarily right and I'm un-American for loving the country I grew up in and want to preserve it. And I think conservatives have got to start speaking up against this political correctness that says look, if we're going to have refugees or we're going to have immigrants come in, why is it wrong to have them from groups that formed the United States of America and built it? To have them preferred rather than these preferred? What is wrong? We can make our own recommendations. 


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