The Openly Sexist Corner Of Fox News Primetime

After previously being called out for making sexist comments to Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, conservative radio host Bill Cunningham was invited back on opposite her on Hannity, where he once again made inappropriate remarks.

On Thursday September 19, Cunningham questioned Holder's ability to do “math,” and then proceeded to tell her that she doesn't “look like a Catholic girl,” but rather a “Farrah Fawcett wannabe.” This followed a Fox News daytime show calling out Cunningham in June for not being “civil” when he told Holder, “Know your role and shut your mouth.” Holder asked, “My role as a woman?” And Cunningham agreed, “Yeah. Yeah.” Cunningham later asked Holder while berating her, “What are you going to cry?”

Cunningham's comments aren't out of character for Hannity, a show that regularly features sexist commentary:

Hannity is scheduled to move to 10 p.m. in October when Megyn Kelly's show begins airing at 9 p.m. Sean Hannity's radio show also was recently dropped by Cumulus.