NY Times Reporter: Sean Hannity Proposed We Merge Ted Cruz/Donald Trump Foreign Policy And “Carpet Bomb The Shit Out Of ISIS”

NY Times Reporter: Hannity Calls For Merging Foreign Policy Plans Of Ted Cruz And Donald Trump

New York Times reporter Matt Flegenheimer wrote that Fox News host Sean Hannity proposed combining the foreign policy proposals of Republican presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Donald Trump by “carpet bomb[ing] the s--t out of ISIS.”

In a February 18 tweet, Flegenheimer reported that during a South Carolina forum, “Hannity propose[d] combining Cruz and Trump foreign policy: ”We're going to carpet-bomb the s--t out of ISIS":

Foreign policy experts and mainstream media have roundly criticized these indiscriminate bombings as illegal, “unrealistic, and counterproductive.”

Fox News hosts and personalities have a history of advocating indiscriminate bombing of militants and civilians. In November 2015, Fox host Eric Bolling advocated the U.S. carpet bomb Syria, regardless of “dumb” civilians in the area. Fox's Ralph Peters criticized Obama for using nighttime airstrikes to avoid civilian casualties. And in January of this year Hannity suggested President Obama “bomb the living crap” out of Iran to secure the release of U.S. sailors.