Newt Gingrich: The Congressional Budget Office is “part of the deep state”

Gingrich: The CBO is “doing a hit job on the Senate Republicans”

From the June 29 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show

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NEWT GINGRICH: These guys take this thing -- this is such a bad report, such a hit piece. This is more of what you’re talking about. Here’s the Congressional Budget Office as part of the deep state doing a hit job on the Senate Republicans and this is one more case for why the Republican Congress ought to have the guts to hold hearings, bring in the CBO experts, force them to explain how they screwed up so totally because when you read this article which just came out in Forbes this morning, this is crazy. I mean here you have this so-called neutral Congressional Budget Office, all of the headlines that they’ve created in the last few days pounding on the Republicans, they’re all lies, they’re all false. There is no excuse for them to have been this wrong and it’s astonishing how wrong they are.


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