Newt Gingrich: “Comey is part of the deep state. Comey is part of the sickness.”

Sean Hannity: “The whole special counsel needs to be shut down”

From the June 13 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Frankly, this whole special counsel needs to be shut down now, and then you've got the Never-Trumper people, the five groups. And they want relevance and they want to be able to say to the world, “see told you.” So I don't know, at this point in time, where are his allies?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well I've been recently, ever since I began speaking, I complained last week about this whole sickness of Comey and Mueller and this whole thing. I've gotten a surprising number of Republican congressmen and senators contacting me and asking me to get more involved and talking about what we should do to get back on offense. And I think that there's a lot bigger hunger for having a positive approach that reaches beyond the current cycle than people might have thought. And I think we may be surprised to find out how many people are eager to have a chance to get involved and to do something positive.


Well, and let me make a point here for all of our listeners because I think this is one of the things that confuses Washington. Comey has, Comey is part of the deep state, Comey is part of the sickness. Nobody should be confused about this. 


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