On The National, Angelo Carusone: Advertisers are leaving Hannity's show because of what the Seth Rich controversy represents, “Sean Hannity's volatility”

From the May 26 edition of CBC's The National:

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STEVEN D'SOUZA: Sean Hannity is an unabashed cheerleader for Donald Trump at a time when headlines are dominated by Trump and the Russian scandal, Hannity's primetime show on Fox News is a safe space for Trump supporters, where Hannity parrots Trump's attacks on the media and diverts attention to other issues.


The statement came as Angelo Carusone's organization posted a list of Hannity's advertisers. A similar campaign led to dozens of advertisers abandoning Bill O'Reilly, who was eventually let go. So far, seven companies have pulled their ads from the show. Carusone predicts Hannity's demise will come, but not as quickly.

ANGELO CARUSONE: They're ultimately leaving because of what the Seth Rich controversy and story represents, which is Sean Hannity's volatility.


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