Listen To Sean Hannity's Unhinged Response To Ted Koppel Calling Him Bad For America

Sean Hannity: “You Pretend To Be Fair And Balanced, I Don't”

From the March 27 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: I liked watching Ted during Nightline days. I loved “America Held Hostage.” I learned a lot. It broadened my desire to get into opinion journalism, because that's what I am, I'm an opinionated journalist and a talk show host. But the difference, Ted respectfully, is I'm honest with my audience, you're not. You pretend to be fair and balanced, I don't. And if you really cared about truth in journalism how do you work for a network that's so abusively biased with the history it has? How can I be bad for America when I offer the American people news and information your network will never touch because you have an agenda? I'm proud of the work I do on radio and TV. We have a team that works hard every single day to bring people news and information. Now if you're going to suggest I'm lying to people and I'm putting ideology ahead of facts, I want your examples. 


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