Listen to Sean Hannity's unhinged rant on “the deep state gone rogue”

From the August 4 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): All I am saying to you that there is real corruption.There is real scandal. There is real evidence.There is real proof and there is real weakness by Republicans in spite of the subpoena powers, investigative powers, you gave them that they refuse to use and up to now that is. But slowly but surely me pointing out the double standard, these unprecedented times that we are living in, it now seems that we are at least waking up some of these members of Congress to the fact that, “Hey guys, if we believe in equal justice under the law, maybe it's time for all of you to start doing your job.”


And, again, I go to the simple standard here which is imagine if the tables were turned and a bunch of Republicans are investigating a Democrat and no Democratic donors -- eight Republican donors, eight Republican donors, no Democratic donors. What would the left be doing.


The media is not bringing any of these issues up. They are so abusively bias, corrupt and so fixated on Russia and palace intrigue and nothing that's going to benefit the American people. If it happened in reverse the left in this country, the media in this country, the Democrats in this country would be in an uproar. And it's only the beginning of the conflict. I am saying that this is a very dangerous scenario that is unfolding here where all these other examples of real crimes and real evidence are being ignored. 


All of this is happening because of the deep state and a group of people. And we are beginning to slowly but surely identify exactly what I've been telling you is true. And it's now the deep state gone rogue. The deep state against the American people. The deep state against the outcome of an election -- a free and fair election in this country. And the deep state that is now actively seeking to take out your president that you voted for.   


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