Listen To A Reporter Correct Sean Hannity's Attempt To Smear Police Shooting Victim Terence Crutcher

From the September 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): On the other hand, I understand that in this particular case Mr Crutcher has a long criminal history and appeared to be under the influence or so the police are charging. 

RUSSELL MILLS: Well I'll tell you I looked up his history and I'm not seeing a lot of criminal history. We have something called the OSCN - the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network. I was able to find a protective order from 12 years ago that was dismissed. I found a couple of financial things. There's no violent criminal history for Mr. Crutcher that I've been able to uncover. 

HANNITY: How many warrants, how many warrants were out for his arrest?

MILLS: None.

HANNITY: Well I read that there was numerous warrants out for his arrest including one assault on an officer and drug trafficking. Are those reports incorrect?

MILLS: As far as I know they are. I have not seen any reporting on any warrants for Mr Crutcher and I certainly haven't uncovered any myself. There has been some misinformation floated.  


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