Listen to a radio caller confront Sean Hannity over Dominion filings showing that Fox News lies for profit

Listen to a radio caller confront Sean Hannity over Dominion filings showing that Fox News lies for profit

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Citation From the February 28, 2023, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We have a liberal from California, David. David, how are you? Glad you called. 


HANNITY: I don't think we should reveal intelligence that we gather on enemy countries. I think, you know, every government has to have you know, some secrecy in that regard, of course.  
CALLER: Yes. And I and myself have lied when I felt there's a a good reason, "No, you don't look fat in that dress." And you Fox News hosts, you knew that -- 

HANNITY: By the -- by the way, you know, you're not allowed -- I think the -- I thought the the f word that you used anyway. I thought that word was banned. I think you have to use the word chubby now.

CALLER: You knew the election wasn't stolen from Trump, and you guys lied about it anyway because you felt you had a good reason. 

HANNITY: No. If you listen to what I said on the air every day, what did I talk about? Let me remind you. I talked about laws being violated. Partisan observers, for example, most states have laws that partisan observers get to watch the vote count from start to finish. In 2020, they were a hundred feet back. They were a thousand feet back. They -- there was no accommodation to uphold the law that allows partisan observers to observe.

I made the case about Pennsylvania's constitution being violated because the constitution in Pennsylvania, it specifies in great detail, the only people that can vote by mail. Now instead of going through the arduous process of getting a constitutional amendment. State legislators decided they just would pass a law. Well, that's not how you amend a constitution by passing a law. So they went the unconstitutional route. Now, you know, a lot of courts didn't want to take up these cases, but I'm just telling you the truth.


In the case of Wisconsin, the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court -- that was a 3-4 case that was lost on the conservative side -- but an excoriating dissent that was laid out by the Chief Justice saying that the rest of the justices, the four justices on this court are ignoring the laws of Wisconsin and if they continue to do so, this will continue to happen.

So I focused on those things and I was very, very specific. You know, you're asking me whether or not I talked about other topics, I did not. Those were not arguments that were being made on this show. 

CALLER: No. I'm asking you if you all knew that the election wasn't stolen from Trump and yet you --
HANNITY: No. No. No. You're not listening to what I'm saying. I said I had problems that there were integrity issues, and I just spelled out what the integrity issues were. You know, let me give you an example. The Supreme Court made a decision in 2000, Bush v Gore, that George W. Bush -- they stopped accounting, 537 votes was the margin of victory and he became the president. Do you think that number, 537, do you think that number is absolutely positively beyond any shadow of a doubt, the likely right number of vote differences between Bush and Gore?

CALLER: Absolutely not because I believe it was Time Magazine and a university or somebody finished the vote unofficially a year later and Al Gore actually had more votes than George W. Bush did. You can look that up. 

HANNITY: So the other thing that I brought up is you -- I know Democrats like, whistleblowers -- there were thousands of people that signed affidavits talking about voting irregularities, and yet nobody wanted to pay any attention to them. I would call them whistleblowers.

CALLER: Yes, sir --


HANNITY: Those are under the threat of perjury, they signed affidavits and nobody paid attention any attention to them. I think we should have. 

CALLER: Yes, sir. Every election has voter irregularities. Sorry, I'm having trouble --

HANNITY: No, irregularities. You're right. But I got to go. I appreciate the call.