“Let Me Educate You”: Hannity Talks Down To Female Guest About Hillary Clinton's Accomplishments For Women

Sean Hannity: Hillary Clinton “Sold Out Women”

Sean Hannity lectured criminal defense and civil rights attorney Tamara Holder about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's impact on women's issues, telling Holder, “let me educate you.”

On the March 11 edition of his radio show, Hannity asked Holder to list Secretary Clinton's accomplishments on women's advancement. Before she could, Hannity continually interrupted to argue Clinton “sold out” women by accepting Clinton Foundation donations from Middle Eastern countries with a poor track record on women's rights. 

At one point, the host shot off, “I'm going to let you Google, and I'm going to let you research” before he would listen to Holder's opinion. 

Hannity's lecturing became so egregious, his female producer challenged him, asking if he was treating Holder this way because she is a woman: