Latest Fox LGBT Attack: Hannity Panel Argues Sesame Street Creates Male Prom Queens, Assaults U.S. Moral Foundation

In the latest example of anti-LGBT bigotry on Fox, Sean Hannity hosts a panel in which Ken Blackwell suggested that by encouraging boys to play with dolls, Sesame Street “set[s] up a problem” which can lead to openly-gay boys being crowned prom queen. He goes on to call this a “direct assault on this country's moral foundation.”

Last night, Sean Hannity devoted a segment of his show to a discussion of how Sesame Street is guilty of liberal indoctrination. Conservative columnist and talk show host Ben Shapiro joked that he would like to “cap” Elmo and decried the show's supposed liberal bias, including its advocacy of letting boys play with dolls and girls play with fire trucks. Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell then jumped in, saying that allowing children to play with different toys “set[s] up a problem” in that it can lead to boys being crowned prom queen later in life. No, really:

So, Sesame Street, by encouraging children to play with different toys, is teaching children to be so open and tolerant of gays and lesbians that they will one day be able to openly enjoy their proms. And that is apparently a “direct assault on this country's moral foundation.” However, Blackwell never mentioned the assault on our country's moral foundation from openly gay children who aren't even allowed to go to their proms, or those who are bullied and tormented by their peers.

Fox hosted and supported this rhetoric, and Hannity even announced that they had a “great panel” discussion. Sadly, this kind of rhetoric that attacks the very idea of LGBT people being allowed to live as they are is all too common on Fox.

That's the kind of discussion that Fox News thinks is appropriate, and the kind of rhetoric that companies that advertise on Fox are sponsoring.

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